Shed to House|| Bathtubs & A Urinal…That’s Exciting News, Right?

Plans for our sheds to houses are slowly starting to come together and we are so excited!! Then on top of that, Brooke and I each found great deals on a couple of claw foot bathtubs and Dylan found a urinal at a great price. It’s almost like we’re more excited about those things than we are about getting our sheds. 😂🤣

Shed To House|| We Should Have Done This Sooner! || Replacing A Cracked Water Valve

When the movers picked up the mobile home, they cut the water pipe and heat tape which left a part of our water line and valve sticking out of the ground. It was exposed to the elements with no way to plug in the heat tape. Luckily we’ve had pretty mild weather so far this winter, but there have been a few cold spells which caused the valve to freeze and crack. We decided it was time to do something about it and fix it… but it turned out to be more complicated than we thought. Did we get it done anyway? Well…. you’ll just have to watch…

Working Full Time and Homesteading || A Day In Our Life

It’s been a while since we’ve made a video so we thought it would be fun to do a video on what our life is like now that I’m working full time. It’s been quite an adjustment for all of us, but so far we’ve fallen into a good routine. This is a typical week day. Weekends are a little different because we focus more on projects and maintenance on the homestead.

We’re Gonna Destroy This Straw Bale! || Deep Mulch Gardening || We’re Having A Hay Day!

With our new routine we didn’t have the time to collect leaves in the fall, like we have in the past. So I was happy to fine a good deal on a large round bale of straw to mulch the garden with. I don’t know who was more excited… me finally getting the garden mostly mulched… or the kids getting to destroy the bale… or the chickens getting to scratch around in it. One they for sure, a HAY day was had by all!