Homestead Animals|| How To Worm A Pig The Easy way!

Pigs can be hard animals to worm or medicate because their strength makes it hard to catch and hold them down. We learned a super simple way to worm them that doesn’t require any of that. In fact it’s so easy that it makes worming the pigs actually fun.

Shed to House|| Running Water Line|| Once We found It the Rest Was SO Easy!

After spending an entire day, plus a portion of another day digging, we FINALLY FOUND our water line! Because we used pex pipe, the actual installation of the water line took no time at all compared to the the time we spent digging and looking for the water line. One thing for sure, we’re so happy to have water and have that job behind us!

Homestead Animals|| We Built A Pen the Pigs Will LOVE & We Will Love MORE!!

We built a new pen for our pigs because the shelter in our old pen was getting run down and when ever it rained the pigs would get wet and it would fill with water. Plus, the feeder was out in the open so when it rained the feed in the feeder would get wet. By building part of the pig pen under the shelter, we can put the feeder under there, which will save us a lot of time and frustration later on because the feed will stay dry. Also, the pigs will enjoy it more because they’ll have more room and stay dry when it rains. Happier pigs and happier us!