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First Harvest from the Garden

It’s always an exciting time when you get your first harvest from the garden. All the hard work and effort finally starts to pay off and you can finally start to enjoy all your efforts!

Well the other day we got our first harvest…

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Our Turkeys Arrived!

This year, for some reason, turkeys have been hard to find. None of the feed stores in our town are carrying them, and stores in surrounding towns don’t have them either. We considered not getting any this year since the chicks we got a couple months ago are almost grown up and the thought of having to start over with a brooder and heat lamp in the house, when it’s warm outside isn’t very appealing. But after thinking about it, we decided that we might regret not getting any. Turkeys are the first animal we grew and butchered on our own. It’s been a tradition every year since we’ve been here to raise two turkeys for the holidays. While it’s not really necessary we do it, it’s something we enjoy. Summer just wouldn’t be the same around here without hearing the sounds of turkey chatter and gobbles while watching the turkeys graze and chase bugs as we sit outside in the evenings.
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Rainy Day in the Garden

Last Saturday we had all these big plans to get a lot of stuff done outside… but then it rained, and you know what happens sometimes when it rains… it pours. And poured, it did… literally. While the rain was nice and much needed, it wasn’t so nice when it came to getting stuff done outside. So instead my husband and I went to town and ran a few errands. On our way home we decided to stop by the local green house, Mulberry Lane, which is only several miles from where we live. If you’re local, I highly recommend stopping by there, they have a great selection and are so helpful! They were running a special on their cooler weather plants, and since the lettuce is growing so well in my garden, I decided to get more. Well, we can’t ever stop in there for just one thing, so we ended up leaving with a lot more than just lettuce….

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