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What Types of Tomatoes Are Best to Plant?

I’ve had several people ask me what types of tomatoes I think are best to plant. There are several factors that you have to take into account when choosing the best type of tomato to plant. First you need to choose a type that grows well in the area you live. The best way to find out what grows best in your area is to ask other gardeners what’s worked for them. Just from experience, I’m guessing you’ll probably get a lot of different answers which could become a little confusing. Things like soil type, sunny or shady location, and growing conditions that change from year to year can vary a lot, even for gardeners that are all in the same area. What I suggest is to make a list of all types recommended and then do some research. You’ll want to think about what you plan to use the tomatoes for, whether it’s canning and making sauces or slicing them for salads and sandwiches, different types of tomatoes vary on how they’re best used. Once you figure out what you plan to do with them, choose the types that best fit your needs from the varieties that do best in your area.
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