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Turkeys Are About To Hatch, Easy DIY Goat Shelter, Companion Planting and More! Week 21 2018

Turkey hen has shifted and is sitting differently on her nest… maybe her eggs are hatching!

Our turkey hen is diligently setting on her nest. Are there any signs they’ll be hatching soon?

There has been a couple of things that I’ve been wanting to get done for a while… so today is the day to get them done!

We’re moving our buck to a bigger pasture. He needed a shelter so we made an easy, cheap temporary shelter for him… nothing too fancy.

We had a busy day with lots of places to go. One of the things we did was go to the Sunflower Hot Air festival in Anthony, Ks in hopes of watching them fly hot air balloons.

Just getting some planting done and trying to plant according to what grows best together.

Companion Planting

Over the years that I’ve had a garden, I haven’t ever been that interested in companion planting. I’ve always liked everything to have its own space in neat little rows, or semi-neat crooked rows in my case. Planting certain plants together to benefit each other never really crossed my mind, up until last year. I was having problems with bugs invading some crops in my garden so I started researching organic ways to control them and ran across an article on companion planting. I found it really interesting and wanted to try it to see if it would really work. Since I had already planted my garden, I mostly focused on planting various flowers and herbs that would help to control the bugs. The kids really got into it and had so much fun buying different herbs and flowers and then researching too find the best companions to plant them next to.
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