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All Things Chicken- Starting Out, Our First Coop

If you want to become more self-sufficient, raising chickens for eggs is a great first project. They’re easy to keep and for the most part, inexpensive to feed and will provide you with great tasting, nutritious eggs. One of the fun things when getting chicks is deciding what kind of coop you want. There are so many different types of coops from large, elaborate ones to small, simple ones that can be moved around the yard. There are all sorts of plans you can buy to build your own, or you can recycle an old bus, car or playhouse into a nice coop.   My favorite site to look at for coop ideas is Backyard Chickens Continue reading

Our Chicken Coops

One of the fun things about having chickens is designing a coop for them. I could spend hours on the internet looking at different ideas for coops that people have come up with. There are some really nice ones out there. Getting a coop set up was our very first homesteading project. We were lucky and didn’t have to build anything because we used a shed that was already here, so all we had to do was drag it up closer to the house. My dad and grandpa had used it to store feed in for cattle. I didn’t get any before pictures but here is a picture of it once we got it finished:

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