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Our Baby Bunnies Grew Up

Remember those cute little bunnies that tumbled out of the compost pile a few short weeks ago?

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Cute Surprise in the Compost!

You’re probably wondering what kind of cute surprise would be in our compost pile. Normally if there’s any type of surprise in the compost pile, it’s most likely something that doesn’t smell too good, or something unrecognizable… or even something you really don’t even really want to know what it is. Finding a cute surprise in the compost very rarely ever happens… but last weekend was an exception. When we were adding compost to the garden, Michael scooped up some compost and out tumbled 3 cute little baby cottontail bunnies… poor things! We picked them up and put them in a box to keep them safe from the cats and dog, and also so we wouldn’t run over them with the tractor.

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