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This Week It’s All About Chicks! Our New Chicks Arrived In the Mail! Week 10 2018

Getting baby chicks is always so much fun! Ours arrived at the post office so we ran to get them. Join us as we show you what we ordered and try to figure out what breed each chick is.

I ran onto this cute video of some chicks we had several years ago fighting over a cricket. Just had to post! Who wins? You’ll just have to watch and see…

Our baby chicks arrived in the mail and here’s a sneak peak!

Mysterious Funk

With all the endless projects we’ve got going on around here, there’s times when our house can become over taken with funk. Sometimes that funk can be mysterious and we have no idea what it’s from; other times it can be pretty obvious and easy to remedy. Like recently for example, we had the baby chicks in a brooder with a heat lamp in the house. For the first week it’s fine; they’re small, don’t eat that much and their brooder can be changed every few days without becoming too smelly. Then once they reach a week old, things start getting a little stinkier, to where the litter needs to be changed once a day. Then, with each day that goes by, they grow bigger, eat more, poop more and by the end of the week… wowzers… no matter how many times a day you change the litter, there’s that never ending, lingering little chick funk. At that point, it’s a sign that the chicks should have been moved out of the house like 5 days ago.

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