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Getting Ready for the Fair!

Fair time is an exciting but busy time around our house. We have a lot of stuff to do like last minute procrastinated projects to finish up, animal prep, project judging and lots more. Unfortunately, Miley got sick in the middle of all the preparation so this year she wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as she normally is just because she wasn’t feeling all that great. Here’s a little peek into what our fair prep was like….

Fun Time at the Fair

Well, the fair is over and done for another year. Right now we are all in this dazed; don’t know what to do with ourselves mode, which is pretty much the norm for us after the fair. We spend so much time preparing, the kids put in lots of time and hard work on all their projects, the fair comes… there is a blur of business, craziness and fun all wrapped up together… then it’s over. It always takes us about a week to get rested up and back into a routine of normalness again. It was all so much fun, we all had a great time, learned a lot, and made lots of great memories.

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