Shed to House|| We’re FINALLY Running Some Wiring!

It’s a day that I didn’t think would come so soon… we’re running the wiring for electricity.

Homestead Animals|| We Built A Pen the Pigs Will LOVE & We Will Love MORE!!

We built a new pen for our pigs because the shelter in our old pen was getting run down and when ever it rained the pigs would get wet and it would fill with water. Plus, the feeder was out in the open so when it rained the feed in the feeder would get wet. By building part of the pig pen under the shelter, we can put the feeder under there, which will save us a lot of time and frustration later on because the feed will stay dry. Also, the pigs will enjoy it more because they’ll have more room and stay dry when it rains. Happier pigs and happier us!

Shed To House|| We Should Have Done This Sooner! || Replacing A Cracked Water Valve

When the movers picked up the mobile home, they cut the water pipe and heat tape which left a part of our water line and valve sticking out of the ground. It was exposed to the elements with no way to plug in the heat tape. Luckily we’ve had pretty mild weather so far this winter, but there have been a few cold spells which caused the valve to freeze and crack. We decided it was time to do something about it and fix it… but it turned out to be more complicated than we thought. Did we get it done anyway? Well…. you’ll just have to watch…