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Shed To House|| They Are Done and Turned Out AWESOME!|| Loft Stairs Part 2

We are building loft stairs with storage. I plan to use them as a pantry and for kitchen storage. Now that they are complete, it will make access to the loft easier so we can get wiring and insulation completed. One thing I learned building them is it takes patience, skill and an extra large supply of drill bits.

Shed To House|| We’re Building Some Awesome Loft Stairs With Storage! Part 1

After doing a lot of research, brainstorming, and thinking I finally came up with a design for my loft stairs. I wanted something that would give me a lot of storage and be easy to climb up and down. We got started building them with the goal to get them done in a day, we didn’t quite make it so you’ll have to tune in to part two to see how they turned out.

Shed to House|| Running Water Line|| Once We found It the Rest Was SO Easy!

After spending an entire day, plus a portion of another day digging, we FINALLY FOUND our water line! Because we used pex pipe, the actual installation of the water line took no time at all compared to the the time we spent digging and looking for the water line. One thing for sure, we’re so happy to have water and have that job behind us!