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Homestead Update|| What Animals Do We Still Have? How are They Doing?

Some one requested… so here it is! An update on all our animals on the homestead.

Container Gardening|| We’re Bringing Our Pepper Plants Inside To Grow For Winter!

The pepper plants were doing good and had lots of peppers on them, so we didn’t want to leave them out. Previous years, my mom has brought her potted peppers inside over winter and they continued to produce. So I decided to try digging mine up and potting them to see how they do. If nothing else, they do make beautiful house plants to enjoy though the winter.

Container Gardening|| She Grows Potatoes in Laundry Baskets & Buckets|| Its the BIG Harvest Reveal

It’s once again that time of the year when my mom harvests her potatoes she grows in containers. This year she mainly used 5 gallon buckets, but also threw in a few pots of various sizes and her laundry basket. From red and white seed potatoes to organic yellow potatoes from the grocery store, she grew several different varieties. Oh and then we can’t forget about something new she tried this year… rabbit poop… er, um… droppings, or ya know toppings as a fertilizer. So… which container worked best? Which variety produced the best? Did the rabbit poop help? Well…you’ll just have to watch…