Family Fun

Every summer, around the 4th of July, my brother and his family come down for a visit. My sisters, who live around here, also come out and we spend several days hanging out and catching up. This year, just like every year, was jam packed with all sorts of fun! The first day we celebrated Miley’s 8th birthday…

We also planned a wiener roast and to shoot off fireworks but our plans got rained out. So we grilled the hotdogs and, as you can see,

a little rain didn’t stop the kids from shooting off a few firecrackers anyway. Over the next few days there were plenty of tractor rides…

and motor bike rides….

The weather was unusually cool for this time of the year so the fire felt nice…

and it was perfect for camping out…

There was lots of relaxing, visiting, catching up…

and hanging out on the trampoline….

The last day was finally warm enough to get a little swimming in…

dry enough to do sparklers….

and still enough to shoot off fireworks….

A perfect ending to a fun filled time of sharing, laughter and love…

Ya know… all the good stuff of life.

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