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Preparing For Baby Bunnies, New Animals On the Homestead and More! Week 13 2017

It’s fun day Friday so We’re going skating! After that, play ends and work starts… there’s so much to do! We got supplies to make the turkey run and while we were in town, we ended up picking up our … Continue reading

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“Help! The turkeys keep following me!”

We started out the day with our usual chores. Got a batch of apple butter started and chicken canned. The turkeys keep following Miley around and she’s a little weirded out by it because she’s not sure of their intentions.

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Turkeys, where did you go?

We got the beans picked and snapped, now we just need to find time to can them. A lot of times I don’t follow recipes and will just randomly make something according to what we have on hand. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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Run Away Turkey and Two Trips To Town

Ever have one of those days that goes on and on and actually over laps into the next day? This was one of those days for us. Started out around midnight finishing up night chores because of a run away … Continue reading

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Gobbling With the Turkeys & A Super Simple Supper

Conversations with the turkeys, being captured by a cat squirrel, chores, freeing a stuck goat, a new nest of guinea eggs, beautiful weather, lots of produce from the garden, and a simple supper. It’s just another great day on the … Continue reading

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We Switched Things Up a Bit

One day over the weekend the kids were gone and it was just my husband and I home. So we had us a little date scooping poop, cleaning things up and doing some much needed fixing up to a few … Continue reading

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Raising Turkeys and Chickens Together

When we started out with our first flock of chicks, we really didn’t have any plans on adding any other type of fowl to our flock. But then one day, when we stopped into the feed store to get some … Continue reading

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Our Turkeys Arrived!

This year, for some reason, turkeys have been hard to find. None of the feed stores in our town are carrying them, and stores in surrounding towns don’t have them either. We considered not getting any this year since the … Continue reading

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