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Animal Update, New Bunnies Will Be Here Soon and More! Week 1 2019

Well, if we aren’t going to get snow, the next best thing is to make some…..

Homestead animal update! Do we have new goat kids? What about baby bunnies? Well.. you’ll just have to watch.


298 Bags of Leaves, Making Gingerbread Houses, Cute Bunnies and More! Week 48 2017

We brought some of our bunnies inside to clean their back ends because they had poop stuck to them. Nothing serious, we’ve been feeding them too many pellets and need to give more hay instead. While they were in, we just had to enjoy the cuteness, especially those chubby little bunny faces.

Yep.. crazy is the word on the homestead.

Join us for a live chat as we make gingerbread houses!

Once we got our huge load of leaves unloaded, we went back to town and got a 2nd load!

So we crammed that trailer full of leaves…. I think we’re finally getting somewhere!

Cedar Apple Rust, Bad Luck with Bunnies, New Goat Kids and More! Week 18 2017

We’ve always dealt with cedar apple rust but this year it will be worse than usual because of the wet weather we’ve been having. I find it annoying, but at the same time, it’s very interesting. I did a little research on it and show you what it looks like. I also give an update on the injured bunny and show you how our alfalfa patch is doing.

We’re just not having good luck with the bunnies, it’s just one thing after another! On a positive note, we finally found time to get more work done in the garden.

Well, the turkey eggs didn’t hatch, but I plan to do research and try again. We put our calf in the pen outside and he was a little spooked by the change of routine so Brooke took him for a walk to get him used to being outside.

It was a rainy dreary weekend but that didn’t stop it from being beautiful, fun and exciting!

New Baby Bunnies, A Living Stone and More! Week 14 2017

Our bunnies sure are growing! It’s a beautiful day and would be a perfect day to get a lot done outside but we have to go out of town for an appointment. Oh well, it was still a great day!

I’m discussing the different ways that we will try to hatch the turkeys. After doing some research it seems like it may be more difficult than I was thinking…

A Closer look at the bunnies and an update on our seedlings….

The bunnies have finally arrived and they’re so cute! We’ve finally collected enough turkey eggs to put in the incubator… hopefully we’ll have some turkey poults soon!

There was a little living stone plant at Brooke’s work. It got knocked over and over looked so she felt sorry for it and brought it home. She re-potted it, did some research and shares some interesting facts about it.

We got a new pen built for the turkeys… got them moved out there… and they are settling in quite nicely. Should have done this a long time ago!