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Container Gardening|| HOW She Grows Potatoes In Laundry Baskets

Last year my mom planted potatoes in laundry baskets and I made a video about it. It became one of my more popular videos and we had lots of questions about it so now we are showing how to do it. It doesn’t take a big elaborate set up to grow your own food, all you need is a little ingenuity, a willingness to experiment, and most importantly, just have FUN doing it.

How We Use Raw Milk in the Garden








In this video I show you how we use raw milk in the garden. From what I’ve read, raw milk can help with blossom end rot which is caused by low calcium. It’s also a good fertilizer and works to help repel insects. I’ve been using it for several years now and have had good results with it. To read more about it, click here.
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Fall Garden Update

Shortly after my last garden update, we went out and cleared the weeds out of one end of the garden. It was quite a chore, let me tell ya! Those weeds were so thick and tall it made it really hard to knock down and on top of that, it was super-hot and humid. Not the best combination at all. I had break out the DR Trimmer because the weed eater kept loosing it’s string, then it also kept loosing it’s string and between that and me killing it and not being able to restart it, I was keeping my husband busy helping me when he had other things to get done.

Once all the weeds were knocked down, it was a huge chore to till because all the weeds kept bogging down the tiller. But we managed to get it all done and I got the beans in. Now they’re up, blooming and looking good. I also put in a row of peas but not all of them came up and the beans kinda took over. I keep forgetting to check so I don’t know if there are any growing out there or not.

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Getting Rid of Squash Bugs

Got Squash Bugs?  Just Vacuum 'Em!

Got Squash Bugs? Just Vacuum ‘Em!

Squash bugs have to be one of the most annoying garden pests of all times. And, next to spiders and tomato hornworms, they have to be the creepiest, most disgusting things ever! Last year squash bugs ruined the entire pumpkin patch and then they moved on to the zucchini and ruined that too. I tried a lot of things to get rid of them, starting with organic methods, from spraying neem oil, dish soap, and raw goat milk; to breaking out the insecticide sprays, like Seven. Nothing worked. Those things just. don’t. die. That’s what makes them so creepy.
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Companion Planting

Over the years that I’ve had a garden, I haven’t ever been that interested in companion planting. I’ve always liked everything to have its own space in neat little rows, or semi-neat crooked rows in my case. Planting certain plants together to benefit each other never really crossed my mind, up until last year. I was having problems with bugs invading some crops in my garden so I started researching organic ways to control them and ran across an article on companion planting. I found it really interesting and wanted to try it to see if it would really work. Since I had already planted my garden, I mostly focused on planting various flowers and herbs that would help to control the bugs. The kids really got into it and had so much fun buying different herbs and flowers and then researching too find the best companions to plant them next to.
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Raw Milk Update; It Did This Tomato Vine Good

Remember my post I wrote about spraying raw milk on the garden to fertilize, plus control disease and insects? Well, I just thought I’d share an update on that. I quit spraying my garden about a month ago, but the effects it’s had have lasted…
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Raw Milk, Good for the Garden?

One day I was doing some research on some issues I was having with my garden. I came across a forum where there was a discussion about using raw milk on the garden. It was very interesting and I wanted to learn more, so I did more research. There isn’t a whole lot of websites out there that have good, credible information on it, so most of the information I’ve gotten has been from reading others’ experiences with it. But after considering all the claims about it working, then all the claims about it not working, and everything in between, I felt like there were enough positive results reported to try it. I figured if I tried it and it worked it would be great. If not, my garden couldn’t be any worse off than if the fungus and bugs continued to take over. Continue reading