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Goats, Goats, Goats.. This Week Is All About Goats! Week 7 2018

This video is all about goats. We answer some of your questions and talk of a sweet story about Miley and Sweet pea. We celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early and with that came a cute little surprise! Milking season … Continue reading

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DIY Chicken Tractor, Planting the Garden, Cute Bunnies and More! Week 16 2017

We finally got a chicken tractor built! It’s a little late, but better late than never! At least now we have it made and ready to go for future use. We’re wanting to make one more, but we’ll use this … Continue reading

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Our Story, Homesteading Questions and Answers

Want to know more about how we got here and why we started homesteading? Curious why I started a blog and how I came up with my blog name? Wondering why I decided to start a YouTube channel?

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We Did It, We Survived the Winter!

Summer before last we decided that we needed to get a fish or two to keep in the stock tank. I remember putting a few goldfish in a stock tank when I was a kid and enjoyed watching them grow … Continue reading

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The First Kids Have Arrived!

Well, Saturday night I thought for sure we’d wake up Sunday morning with some new kids in the barn. I got up early Sunday morning and saw there were no kids yet, so I let Sugar back out with the … Continue reading

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Our $600,000 Goat

One morning Miley and I headed out to do chores. While I went into the barn to set up to milk, Miley went out to the pasture to get her goat, Sweet Pea, and bring her to the barn. I … Continue reading

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