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New Baby Bunnies, A Living Stone and More! Week 14 2017

Our bunnies sure are growing! It’s a beautiful day and would be a perfect day to get a lot done outside but we have to go out of town for an appointment. Oh well, it was still a great day!

I’m discussing the different ways that we will try to hatch the turkeys. After doing some research it seems like it may be more difficult than I was thinking…

A Closer look at the bunnies and an update on our seedlings….

The bunnies have finally arrived and they’re so cute! We’ve finally collected enough turkey eggs to put in the incubator… hopefully we’ll have some turkey poults soon!

There was a little living stone plant at Brooke’s work. It got knocked over and over looked so she felt sorry for it and brought it home. She re-potted it, did some research and shares some interesting facts about it.

We got a new pen built for the turkeys… got them moved out there… and they are settling in quite nicely. Should have done this a long time ago!