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Power is Back On, Clean Up Continues 2017 Week 4

We woke up and our power was back on! Now I can get caught back up on dishes and laundry… yay… I think?!? Joking aside, it was nice to be able to get back into the ole routine again.

Started out the day with chores then we decided to share one of our favorite easy brunches with you. Miley wanted to do some baking so we got out her Easy Bake Oven and whipped up a little cake from scratch!

It’s clean up day! It sure is a lot of work getting all those limbs cut and picked up, but looking at the positive side, we’re able to build up our stash of fire wood. And… if we can find a chipper shredder to rent we will make lots of good mulch for the garden!

We are taking a last minute, unexpected road trip again today. Brooke lost a band on her braces and her tooth was bothering her, so we made a trip the orthodontist. It was a fun day despite one of the turkeys leaving a very unpleasant surprise on Brooke’s car yet again.

Ice Storm Was Short Lived But Left Us Without Power

The first part of the ice storm arrived and it’s looking like it might not be as bad as it was predicted. The temps stayed a few degrees warmer than expected so that helped to not have so much accumulation.

We just thought we lucked out and made it through the storm without loosing power. Unfortunately, the rain picked up through the night, we ended up with more ice accumulation, and woke up to no power.

One day everything is covered in ice… the next day it’s gone! If we have to have ice storms, this is the way to have them. Our power is still off but the day is so beautiful that we don’t really notice the power being out.