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Grub Invasion Update, Moon Flowers and More! Week 41 2018

Oh the wonderful smell of rotting, decaying grubs… Just a little update on the whole grub situation and how I decided to get rid of them.

Today Miley takes you along as she does chores and shows you some of the flowers she’s grown.

It’s another crazy day on the homestead where nothing goes as planned… but then we should be used to that by now. If only I could have a few moments to get my sauce canned…..

New Stuff Coming Soon

In my last blog post, I told you about our new Humble Little Homestead You Tube channel where we will be sharing the latest happenings and projects going on around here. As I’ve been working on that, I got to thinking about exactly what all I wanted to share on that channel. I intend on it being mostly homesteading related and plan to cover everything from gardening tips and updates to animal care and processing, plus everything in between, in addition to showing our progress on fixing up the place.

As I was making videos I realized some of our videos were starting to be more about the kids doing every day projects and having fun which kind of ventured away from my intended topic. So we’ve decided to make another You Tube channel called Humble Little Homestead for Kids! Continue reading

It’s Just Poop!

Oh, night time chores! Yeah, they actually live up to their name because they can be well… quite a chore to have to do. It’s not that it’s really hard work or anything; we just basically have to go out, gather eggs, and close up the coops. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it is except that we have to go out after dark because there’s a small group of chickens that like to stay out until the last possible second before the sun sets. It’s just kinda creepy, especially being out in the country, to have to go out in the dark. We just really don’t know what kind of critters might be lurking in the dark shadows.
Continue reading

One GOAT of A Day!

Goats… where do I begin? They’re cute. They’re entertaining. They’re fun and they make good pets, especially for kids. I do love them. But let me tell you, they’re very good at testing people’s patience, especially mine.

Back before we got goats, I remember asking my husband if we could get a couple. Right off the bat he said no. I asked him why and he said that goats were nothing but trouble and pains in the you-know-what. I didn’t believe him; I mean how could any thing this adorable….

be such a pain? Just look at that cute little face, right? Continue reading