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Celebrating 6 Years On the Homestead, New Rabbit Kits and More! Week 45

We’re fixing a pot of chili to celebrate our 6th year of homesteading. Join me as I make chili and talk about how this last year has been. If you’re interested in reading about our move, click here. Our last … Continue reading

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Halloween Fun, Preparing for Winter, and Winter Chores Are Short and Easy Now! Week 44

Since we down sized and rearranged our animals for winter, our chores are short and easy now. We made a few more preparations for winter and now have all the animals tucked in where they need to be. Fences are … Continue reading

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Going To A Poultry Auction, How To Make Dilly Beans, How Much It Cost To Grow Our Own Meat & More! Week 39

Winter is fast approaching so I’m planning out how we’ll arrange the animals to make chores easier during the cold months. We picked our pork up from the processor today and got our freezer stocked. So, how much meat did … Continue reading

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The History of Our Land

We’re celebrating being here on the farm for five years. I thought I’d share my great grandfather’s story, from a newspaper article he wrote, of his journey here and how he claimed the land we now live on.

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“Help! The turkeys keep following me!”

We started out the day with our usual chores. Got a batch of apple butter started and chicken canned. The turkeys keep following Miley around and she’s a little weirded out by it because she’s not sure of their intentions.

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Simple Way to Cut Butter Into Flour

Cutting butter into flour is always a lot of work to me. In fact I usually put off making anything that involves having to cut butter into flour. Just ask my husband how long it’s been since I’ve made him … Continue reading

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