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Homegrown Turkey vs Store Bought, Thanksgiving Preparations and More! Week 47 2018

It’s Thanksgiving day on the homestead and there’s lots going on! Miley gives you an up close view of bunny cuteness and we see if we can tell a difference in taste between a store bought and homegrown turkey. So, did we find a difference? Well, you’ll just have to watch…

Everyone is off and home for Thanksgiving.. we’re getting last minute preparations done… let the fun times making more memories with family begin…

It’s time to thaw out the turkeys! This year we’re fixing both, a store bought and a homegrown, so that way we can compare.

It’s once again that time of the year….

Cattle Panel Greenhouse Almost Complete, Hoping Rain Is On the Way and More! Week 13 2018

I don’t have much experience using the power tools but we managed to get the plastic on the cattle panel hoop house. Now the fun time begins… planting seeds!

With as dry as it’s been the price of hay has sure gone up. A good chance of rain is in the forecast, so maybe we’ll finally get some much needed rain.

It was a beautiful day so we were able to get a lot done on our cattle panel greenhouse.