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Grandma’s Tulip

We have one little tulip in the middle of our yard that comes up every year. My mom says that it’s one my grandma planted many years ago and it marks the corner of where her garden used to be. We don’t know exactly when it was planted but it has to be more than 25 years old. I don’t know a lot about tulips, so I did a little research. From what I read, older heirloom tulips come back more often year after year for longer periods of time than the modern day varieties do. I couldn’t really find much information on how old tulips can get, so I’m still wondering if it’s unusual for a tulip like this to be coming back all these years or not. Do you know?

If this tulip could see, just think of all the memories there would be, and if those memories were made into photos just think of all the albums there would be. Even though this tulip is out a couple weeks each spring, and its point of view is the same every day, the photos would all be different because each day isn’t the same.
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