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Fall Garden Update

Shortly after my last garden update, we went out and cleared the weeds out of one end of the garden. It was quite a chore, let me tell ya! Those weeds were so thick and tall it made it really hard to knock down and on top of that, it was super-hot and humid. Not the best combination at all. I had break out the DR Trimmer because the weed eater kept loosing it’s string, then it also kept loosing it’s string and between that and me killing it and not being able to restart it, I was keeping my husband busy helping me when he had other things to get done.

Once all the weeds were knocked down, it was a huge chore to till because all the weeds kept bogging down the tiller. But we managed to get it all done and I got the beans in. Now they’re up, blooming and looking good. I also put in a row of peas but not all of them came up and the beans kinda took over. I keep forgetting to check so I don’t know if there are any growing out there or not.

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