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New Kids Born, Things Are Blooming, Garden Planting Started & More! Week 15 2017

Just getting the evening chores done and took a little stroll around the yard to show ya what’s blooming at the moment. We’re milking Nutmeg for the first time this year! If it’s not one thing… it’s another… It was … Continue reading

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Yes, It’s Been a While

Wow, it seems like for ever since I posted anything here. And you know, I’ve missed it. I didn’t intend to quit posting here, it just happened. As I’ve mentioned before, I started a YouTube channel. The reason I decided … Continue reading

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What a Day!

Is today over yet? This is one day that has gone on forever and even though there’s just a little over an hour left of it as I’m typing this, it will be an hour or two into tomorrow before … Continue reading

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One GOAT of A Day!

Goats… where do I begin? They’re cute. They’re entertaining. They’re fun and they make good pets, especially for kids. I do love them. But let me tell you, they’re very good at testing people’s patience, especially mine. Back before we … Continue reading

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Tour of Our Little Homestead

I haven’t had a chance to get any posts done this week because Miley and I have been working on a special project. When we started this project, we thought it would be an easy, quick, simple one… but there … Continue reading

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