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Saving Our Pasture From Stickers, Weekend Fun and More! Week 35

Our pasture is being invaded by sticker plants, so we decided it was time to get rid of them. What’s the best way to get rid of them and prevent them from spreading? Clip them out one by one…

We woke up from a nice, restful sleep out in the tents. Quickly got chores done and ended the day playing another game of beanboozled.

We’re pitching tents and having another camp out on the homestead. It’s an adventurous weekend full of rain, thunder and lightening, swimming, camp fires, hot dog roasts, and lots of refreshing fresh air which is like a beauty spa to your lungs.

The last several weeks have been busy… but it’s been the type of busy where there’s a lot going on but seems like there’s not much getting accomplished… you know… it’s just been crazy.