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Our Garden Fun Got Cut Short!

mulching garden
It’s harvest time around here, and the field around our place recently got cut. So we’re trying to gather as much straw as possible before they come and work it under. It’s a fun evening in the garden until it gets cut short…


2nd Week of Vlogmas On the Homestead! Week 50 2018

Christmas is sneaking up on us fast! So much to do and so little time! Dylan came out and brought his gifts, so Miley and Brooke try to figure out what he got them.

The kids check the rabbits to see if they can tell if they are pregnant and we check the goats to see if we can tell if they’re close to kidding. What do we think? Well, you’ll just have to watch…

Join us while we decorate gingerbread houses!

Why do I have 2 pitchforks that I’m using? I don’t really have an answer to that, but one thing we know for sure is that no pitchfork goes unused.

It’s one of those days, ya know, the kind where you start out behind and are rushing the whole day.

In this video we show you how we build an easy, affordable hay feeder that would work for goats, sheep or calves.

We gave the goats an early Christmas present and built a little goat hut for the goat kids to stay warm in once they are born. What did we give the goats for Christmas? Well.. you’ll just have to watch…

Family, Laughter and Fun… All the Good Stuff of Life! Week 28

The county fair is next week so I’m doing a little work in the garden to hopefully help it coast through until the fair is over and I have more time to get some serious maintenance done.

We had family that we don’t see very often come down so we had a good ole Fourth of July celebration just like we used to have back when we were kids. We had a great time visiting, catching up, reminiscing, laughing… ya know, all the best things in life.

Happy birthday, Miley!!

Just another day on the homestead! The fair is right around the corner so we’ve been looking at our chickens and I’ve been helping Miley figure out what breeds we have.

New Stuff Coming Soon

In my last blog post, I told you about our new Humble Little Homestead You Tube channel where we will be sharing the latest happenings and projects going on around here. As I’ve been working on that, I got to thinking about exactly what all I wanted to share on that channel. I intend on it being mostly homesteading related and plan to cover everything from gardening tips and updates to animal care and processing, plus everything in between, in addition to showing our progress on fixing up the place.

As I was making videos I realized some of our videos were starting to be more about the kids doing every day projects and having fun which kind of ventured away from my intended topic. So we’ve decided to make another You Tube channel called Humble Little Homestead for Kids! Continue reading