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Making Dandelion Bread, Processing Chickens, Farm Chores and More! Week 19 2018

Getting the turkey and chicken we processed packaged and ready for the freezer. Processing day is never an easy day but this time was a little harder. So several years ago I found this.. what seemed like a cute idea … Continue reading

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A Surprise Hatchling, An Answered Prayer, and Attempting to Hatch More Turkey Eggs! Week 26 2017

I was sitting there giving Neville his vitamins… or at least attempting to… when Miley came running in saying there was a little chick outside! She was so excited! We put mamma hen and chick in our chicken tractor so … Continue reading

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Switching Chores, Garden Work, Staking Tomatoes and More! Week 25 2017

There’s a lot of stuff going on today, first we’re getting chores done! Our turkey hen has started a new clutch of eggs, hopefully this time hatching will be successful. There was a broody hen running around so we captured … Continue reading

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Our Hay is Baled, Staking Tomatoes, Determined Hen and More! Week 24 2017

They showed up to bale our alfalfa. A storm was threatening to roll through so we scrambled to get it all picked up before it rained. Oh what a windy day!! I’m starting to let Ollie out so that he … Continue reading

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