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A Visit From the Compost Inspector

We’ve got really cold temperatures coming so we’re getting a few things done that need to be done so we don’t have to worry about doing them in the really cold temps.

Preparing a Raised Row Garden

Have you ever started a project with plans of doing it a certain way only to end up changing it up and making it into a huge project that made you wonder what in the heck you were thinking? Well, over the weekend we had one of those projects.

Last year I decided I wanted to make raised beds in the garden. With the size of our garden, it’s impossible to keep up with the weeding and upkeep of it so I figured having raised beds would make things a lot easier. The problem I ran in to was the expense of it. Buying the wood or other material to make the boxes, and then buying dirt to fill them just wasn’t in the budget. Even if we did have the money to do it, I still would have had a hard time spending money on that because one of the biggest reasons we’re raising a garden is to cut back on our food expense.
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