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We’re Turning the Garden Care Over To the Chickens!

We’ve had our first hard freeze so our gardening season has come to an end, but for the chickens, the work is just beginning!

Family Fun, More Surprises From Our Chicks and More! Week 30 2018

We were surprised when we found our hen with chicks under her, then we were even more surprised when we found another hen hatching more chicks. Now that these chicks are growing, they surprised us once again…

The best memories are made when the family gets together.

The mosquitoes have been horrible here lately, in fact it seems like they’re worse than usual. We don’t like using chemical sprays so we’re looking for the best natural bug spray that actually works. If you have a great recipe that you don’t mind sharing, we’d really appreciate it.

Games, a Splatoon cake, a treasure hunt, swimming, fireworks and a campout… Happy 11th Birthday, Miley!

Preparing For Baby Bunnies, New Animals On the Homestead and More! Week 13 2017

It’s fun day Friday so We’re going skating! After that, play ends and work starts… there’s so much to do! We got supplies to make the turkey run and while we were in town, we ended up picking up our pigs. Turkey run… preparing the pig pen… and, the rabbit is building her nest… so much going on, where do we start?

Nothing better after doing a lot of work than to play with cute goats!

We were mistaken on the number of days a rabbit’s gestation period is. We were expecting them on day 28 when it’s really day 31. So since we still have several days yet we freshened up the nesting box and added some straw.

Time for chores… it’s cold, it’s late, no time for dilly dally!

Got off to a late start and the day just went down hill from there. It was just one of those days where we didn’t get anything accomplished. On the brighter side, we have another turkey eggs so we talked about how you should store eggs before incubating and why.

Only several more days until our bunny is due so we decided we better get a nesting box put in her cage for her. We let our chickens out to free range today. Will they go back to the coop at the end of the day? Watch to find out…

I’m planning to start free ranging the chickens again so that way we can start planting the garden soon.

We Switched Things Up a Bit

One day over the weekend the kids were gone and it was just my husband and I home. So we had us a little date scooping poop, cleaning things up and doing some much needed fixing up to a few things. Now that everything is all switched up we have a whole new morning chore routine.
We also picked beans and the kids have been keeping busy with a few projects they came up with on their own. Who needs toys when you have sticks, paint, string and a bog box to play with?

Yes, It’s Been a While

Wow, it seems like for ever since I posted anything here. And you know, I’ve missed it. I didn’t intend to quit posting here, it just happened. As I’ve mentioned before, I started a YouTube channel. The reason I decided to start it is because I’ve found it hard to keep up with all that’s going on around here through blog posts. There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. With videos, it makes it just a little bit easier because I can capture the content while we’re out working, then edit it and have it ready to post. Where posts seem to take more time because we go out and work, take pictures, edit the pictures, then I have to come in and write, then edit. If I focus on writing, I tend to fall behind on the work that needs to be done around here and if I focus on the work, I fall behind writing. Since I’m not much of a multitasker, I decided to focus on making videos for a while to see if it’d be something I’d like. It’s been great because I’m learning all sorts of new things and have met a lot of fun like-minded people.
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No New Posts, Here’s Why…

As you’ve probably noticed, things have been a little quite around here lately. It hasn’t been intentional, it’s just that things have been so busy that  I haven’t had enough time to post. I take pictures and jot down notes of all the latest happenings with intentions of getting them posted then… life happens, so I take more pictures and jot down notes, and pretty soon I have a whole pile of notes with pages being added every day because life keeps going no matter if I’m caught up or not.

So I’ve decided to start making videos of the latest happenings around here because I’ve found it to be a little easier to capture it all and get it posted in a timelier manner. I still plan on posting articles on here too, in fact I have quite a few planned out and hope to get them done soon.

For now if you’re interested you can check out my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5t-Tv8XgiSXGhii0PR0ZhQ

Welcome to Our Homestead:

Curious what night time chores are like around here?

Tour of Our Little Homestead

I haven’t had a chance to get any posts done this week because Miley and I have been working on a special project. When we started this project, we thought it would be an easy, quick, simple one… but there wasn’t one thing easy, quick or simple about it. We decided to make a video of a tour of our place to share with all of you. Sounds easy, right? Well… let’s just say it was way more time consuming and complicated than I thought it would be. But then you have to take into consideration, I’m not a very techy person, so maybe it is easy, just not for the technically challenged person like me. Either way, we managed to get it recorded, edited and finally uploaded.

Now that it’s uploaded, the frustration is gone and I now know what to do, Miley and I decided it might be fun to make videos to share here on occasion. If you enjoyed the video and would like to see more, be sure to like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We Did It, We Survived the Winter!

Summer before last we decided that we needed to get a fish or two to keep in the stock tank. I remember putting a few goldfish in a stock tank when I was a kid and enjoyed watching them grow big. I figured my kids would enjoy that too. So one day after chores were done, we headed out of town for a day of fun. On our way home, we stopped by the pet shop and the kids picked out a couple of koi. We brought them home and added them to the stock tank by the barn. One did really well and the other didn’t survive the summer for some reason.

The following winter was a tough one; there were endless days of freezing temps and more snowfall than normal. We were feeding a couple pigs that winter, so we got two de-icers, one for the tank out by the pigs and one for the tank by the barn where the goats stayed. The wiring in our barn is really old, and so the breakers couldn’t handle the amount of electricity both de-icers used. We had to move the goats out to the shelter by the pigs so they could all use the one tank. Unfortunately that meant the tank that had our little fish in it froze over. There was a period of several weeks where the temps were so cold and the ice froze so thick that it was impossible to break it. We all worried about our little fish and hoped he’d make it even though it seemed his chances weren’t good.
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Surprise in the Garden

Last year when we planned our garden, Miley told me she really wanted to try to grow carrots. I have tried growing them, without luck, once a long time ago and I don’t know why, but I never tried growing them again. So when Miley asked to grow carrots, I said, “Sure, why not!” Along with carrots, we also decided to grow radishes, spinach and lettuce.

I bought several bags each of compost and top soil, hoping that if we made a thick heaped row of it we wouldn’t have so many weeds. She and I worked hard dumping the dirt and forming it into a nice heaped up row. Then we planted our seeds and watered them in. The next day we went out to the garden and discovered our nicely mounded up row leveled and scattered everywhere. The chickens had gotten into the garden and totally ruined the whole thing. Miley was upset and I… well let’s just say those chickens were lucky they could out run me otherwise we would have had lots of chicken stew to eat… and I don’t butcher chickens… but that day I sure would have!
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