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Learning to Sew!

Gave Miley sewing lessons and then got more tomato sauce canned. I’m getting so close to getting all my pint jars filled… what a great feeling!

I Canned Too Much and We’re Dehydrating Marshmallows

We’re dehydrating marshmallows, hopefully they turn out good! A few days ago I emptied out a bunch of jars of food that I’ve canned from previous years. One mistake I made when I first started canning was that I canned as much produce as possible without really thinking about how much food we’d actually need. It’s an easy mistake, especially when you don’t want that good produce to go to waste. I discuss a few ways that I’m preventing that from happening again.

What a Day!

Is today over yet? This is one day that has gone on forever and even though there’s just a little over an hour left of it as I’m typing this, it will be an hour or two into tomorrow before today’s work is done. That’s the kind of day it’s been.

I woke up early with plans of getting all the tomatoes, which we picked over the weekend, canned. First I rounded up jars and got them put in the dishwasher before I headed out to do chores. Both the kids were still sleeping so I decided I’d just sneak out really fast and get them done. Miley always loves to come with me to help with chores, but since I was needing to get canning done and she was still asleep, I thought it’s be a little quicker just to run out and do them real fast. Once I got about half way through them, Miley came running out and helped me finish up.
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Days May Be Getting Shorter, But Still Lots to Do!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but things have just been busy… there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Normally at this time of the year, things start to wind down around here. The garden slows down, the goat dries up and milking comes to an end for the year, and we start planning when to butcher our turkeys and meat chickens. But this year has been so different and I’m beginning to wonder if we will get everything done by the time winter hits. I really hope so because I really don’t want to be out butchering birds when the snow is flying.

So far the only thing close to being on schedule is our milking season has come to an end. We milked the last time for this year last week and are using up our last quart…

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