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First Chicks of the Season

Several weeks ago Brooke got out the incubator and prepared to fill it with the first batch of eggs for the year. Trying to gather enough eggs was a little slow going at first. The weather was super cold during that time, so it was very tricky trying to get the eggs before they got too cold. Brooke would run out to the coop every half an hour starting in the morning until early afternoon, or until the eggs were gathered. At the time her group of chickens, which has 5 in the group, were only averaging two eggs a day. Between the chickens not laying any some days to the eggs getting too cold by the time she got to them, it took her a week to get nine eggs. Out of those eggs there were a few that were questionable on being too cold, but she decided to go ahead and use them.
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All Things Chicken

I think out of everything homesteading related, chickens are probably my family’s favorite project. I know this sounds kind of funny, but chickens have great personalities and are very smart. Before we had chickens, I would have never thought of a chicken having a personality or being smart, but they are, plus they make good pets and can be very entertaining. I’ve had some interest shown and a quite a few questions asked about our chickens so I’ve decided to do a little series that covers everything about them. Some of the topics I’ve thought about covering are:
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All Sorts of Ruckus Going On

If you’ve never had chickens before, I can tell you that they can be very clicky. They form their own little groupies and aren’t too happy to let outsiders in. Usually the groups can coexist okay but there is frequent bickering, squabbling, clucking and complaining that leads to a disturbance with lots of commotion, racket, noise, hubbub… that eventually turns into a full blown ruckus. With as many chickens as we have running around here, it can get pretty noisy.

The spring when Miley was four we got our first chicks. By the middle of the summer, they were almost full grown and free ranging. One day I was outside chatting with her as she played on the swing set. All of a sudden, out by the barn, there was a loud commotion of clucking and squabbling going on.
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