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Homestead Happiness

Is There A such Thing As Too Much Lettuce
Sunshine, blue skies, happy animals, plants, shovels, dirt, smiles, laughter, too many lettuce plants… ya know, all the stuff that brings homestead happiness….

3rd Week of Vlogmas On the Homestead Week 51 2018

Miley loves shopping for the pets, so we had a special Christmas just for them….

I had an appointment and afterward did some shopping, so I was gone for most of the afternoon. When I got home, the kids surprised me…

We never sift our flour, but today we tried it and the cookies turned out much better. So we want to know, do you soft flour?

The cucumbers and tomato I planted in pots a while back aren’t doing the greatest. In fact, I was thinking about throwing them out until they started blooming.

The time has come and it’s never easy.

Today we’re making Christmas cookies! Dylan has always made the snicker doodles every year, but now he’s decided that it’s time to pass off that tradition to Miley. In this video he teaches her the fine art of snicker doodle making….

A Day in Our Life

The weather has been like a rollercoaster lately. Just week before last we had beautiful weather and even ventured out for a walk, then last week it got really cold and we had a dreary day or two, then this week its back to being even more beautiful than it was a couple weeks ago. I guess that’s just Kansas weather for ya.

Every day is a little different for us on our homestead. Some days are pretty easy going, not much going on and others are busy, busy, busy. During the winter we usually have a lot more down time than any other time of the year.
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