A Calf That Misses His Milk, A Long Day of Cooking, It Was a Week Full of Silliness! Week 32

Just a morning filled with chores and animal silliness!

We like to take time to make quick and easy things to grab and go, like hot pockets and burritos. That way during busy times we have things to eat when we don’t have time to cook. We spent 12 hours straight cooking… by the end of the day we were pretty delirious.

So…I’ve been pondering if I should plant okra, more green beans and some yellow summer squash. It might be too late… but yet there might still be plenty of time for it to grow….

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A Fall Garden, A Fairy Garden, and A Storm That Damaged Our Gardens Week 31

Finally we got some much needed rain! Unfortunately, with that rain came a storm that left us with some damage. Looking at the positive side, everyone is fine, all the animals are fine, and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been busy getting tomatoes canned and have fallen behind on editing and getting videos out. Plus I’m tired so… here’s an update with lots of randomness mixed in.

It’s a busy day… we’re getting our fall crops planted and getting tomatoes canned.

Preparing to plant fall beans, picking tomatoes, weeding, pulling up the plastic… so many things to get done in the garden!

Miley got supplies to make a fairy garden for her birthday. Due to being busy, we’re just now getting it all set up. She’s been having so much fun with it, but the thing she loves the best is creating new things for it.

Just trying to get caught up in the garden from being busy with the fair. The tomatoes are coming on, everything needs to be picked… so much to do and so little time.

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We Have New Turkey Poults! Week 30 continued…

We had a second turkey hatch out! We decided to name them Lucky and Chance because we took a chance incubating them and we ended up getting lucky and having 2 turkey poults hatch. 🙂

One of our goals for this year was to hatch out some turkeys. Little did we know it would be quite a challenge. It finally happened though, we have a successful hatching!

Yes, we just might have turkey poults soon! I took the eggs that were left in the nest and put them in the incubator and sure enough, they’re hatching!

After taking a brief break to attend the county fair, we’re back! We have a lot of videos from the fair coming soon. While we were away we were surprised to find a couple of our turkey eggs had hatched! Unfortunately, we have some bad news…

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It’s Fair Time! Week 30

Another fair has come to a close… lots learned and great memories made!

It’s day 2 of the fair. All Miley has left to have judged is chickens and garden entries. We show you a few of her entries and then have a little fun on the rides.

The first day of the fair is here! We’re getting our animals and all our stuff packed up and settled in at the fair.

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Preparing For the Fair! Week 29

It’s the day before the fair starts and we’re getting the goats groomed and ready for show. Plus we’re rounding up everything else that we need to remember to take.

The county fair is getting close and we’re almost ready! Miley showed her cat at the hand pets show today. We’re getting last minute details done on projects and gathering produce entries from the garden.

We’re trying to get the goats to lead better before Miley takes them to the fair. One does great… the other… well, she won’t walk even if we offered her oats. 😉

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Family, Laughter and Fun… All the Good Stuff of Life! Week 28

The county fair is next week so I’m doing a little work in the garden to hopefully help it coast through until the fair is over and I have more time to get some serious maintenance done.

We had family that we don’t see very often come down so we had a good ole Fourth of July celebration just like we used to have back when we were kids. We had a great time visiting, catching up, reminiscing, laughing… ya know, all the best things in life.

Happy birthday, Miley!!

Just another day on the homestead! The fair is right around the corner so we’ve been looking at our chickens and I’ve been helping Miley figure out what breeds we have.

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Neville & Nadine Meet, Easy Way To Worm Pigs, Better Smelling Coops and More! Week 27

I put Neville’s girlfriend, Nadine in the barn with him and those two get along so well. It’s Independence Day so we spend most of the day relaxing and having fun with family.

Brooke was cleaning her Gecko’s cage today so we decided to show what her set up is like.

Every year that we’ve had pigs, we’ve had someone come worm them for us. This year it’s up to us to do it on our own so I did a little research and found a quick and simple way to get it done. In fact it’s so simple that it’s easier than worming goats.

It was a lovely afternoon so we took advantage of it and got some much needed work done. Once the work was done we cooled off in the pool the spent the evening watching fireworks.

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A Surprise Hatchling, An Answered Prayer, and Attempting to Hatch More Turkey Eggs! Week 26 2017

I was sitting there giving Neville his vitamins… or at least attempting to… when Miley came running in saying there was a little chick outside! She was so excited! We put mamma hen and chick in our chicken tractor so we can watch her raise it.

Our rooster, Neville, hasn’t been doing very good for a while now. Lately he’s gotten worse and one night we were sure he wouldn’t make it to the next morning. Surprisingly he did, thanks to a prayer, and he’s been slowly getting a little better. He’s still got a long ways to go but we’re happy he’s improving.

We have a broody hen so I decided to put some turkey eggs under her to see if she will hatch them. The turkey hen is building a clutch and I’m hoping she will start sitting soon. Maybe the 3rd time is a charm? Unfortunately Neville isn’t doing very well anymore… so sad! My mom has a neat container garden so I decided to give you a little tour of her set up.

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Switching Chores, Garden Work, Staking Tomatoes and More! Week 25 2017

There’s a lot of stuff going on today, first we’re getting chores done! Our turkey hen has started a new clutch of eggs, hopefully this time hatching will be successful. There was a broody hen running around so we captured her in hopes she will settle down and sit on some turkey eggs. Miley got to do her favorite chore of all time, which is give the pigs water. She got splattered by the pigs… is it mud or poop? Wanna sniff to find out?

Neither of us felt like doing our chores so Brooke said, “Hey, I’ll do your chores if you do mine.” I took her up on that…. what an awesome deal!

Yep… what the title says… just trying to get a grip on the garden. I started staking my tomatoes by using the Florida weave. What I’ve done so far seems to be working well. I got weeds pulled and mulch laid down. It’s amazing what you can get done when you get up early! 🙂

I decided to try the Florida Weave to stake my tomatoes because the way I was doing it just wasn’t going to work. The kids found a couple baby toads so they decided to make a habitat for them. In the middle of making it, they decided to research what toads need and made some revisions to make the habitat more toad friendly. It was a hot day so we spent the afternoon in the pool.

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Our Hay is Baled, Staking Tomatoes, Determined Hen and More! Week 24 2017

They showed up to bale our alfalfa. A storm was threatening to roll through so we scrambled to get it all picked up before it rained.

Oh what a windy day!! I’m starting to let Ollie out so that he can run in the pasture with the goats. I’ve been trying to decide how I want to stake my tomatoes, so I’ve started a few but I don’t like how it’s turning out. I’ve came up with a different idea since I made this video… will show in a new video coming soon.

A hen who insists on laying her egg in the barn, and me, who insists she can find another spot to lay… who will win??

We made it back from our little gambling trip. Didn’t win big… at least money wise… but we won big other ways which are things money can’t buy, like spending time together, relaxing, making memories, and… trying to overcome fears of pool drains. I know… weird… but the fear is real, let me tell ya!

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