Goats, Goats, Goats.. This Week Is All About Goats! Week 7 2018

This video is all about goats. We answer some of your questions and talk of a sweet story about Miley and Sweet pea.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early and with that came a cute little surprise! Milking season is beginning earlier than expected. Yay!

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Easy Pot Roast In A Jar, Garden Update and More! Week 6 2018

Today I take you along as I do chores and show you on how the garden is looking after adding all those leaves plus give you an update on what’s been going on.

We bought a small green house so that we could try growing some greens inside while it’s still cold outside. Gearing up to start seeds in a few weeks!!

In this video I show you how to make an easy pot roast meal in a jar (Ball recipe) with the Carey Smart Canner.

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Choosing Which Chicks To Order, DIY Cheap Fire Starters and More! Week 5 2018

We saw an interesting post where someone made cheap fire starters with egg cartons, drier lint, and crayons or paraffin wax. We decided to try it out to see if it works…

We let the bunnies out to have a little play time and just had to share a little bit of the cuteness..

Listen to our conversation as we talk with all of you who joined us live about which chicks we should order!

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Unwelcome Visitor in the Coop, Crazy Easy Bread Dough and More! Week 4 2018

I decided to open up the crock and check to see how the sauerkraut was coming along. Also, I talk about reorganizing and upcoming videos!

I found this amazing bread dough recipe! In addition to a loaf of bread, you can use it to make a variety of things like cinnamon rolls, pizza, bagels, foccacia, and more! I even experimented with making tortillas and they turned out great.

Oh no… there’s an uninvited possum in the chicken coop!! I know he’s pretty much harmless so I try to be calm, cool and collected…

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Cute Bunnies, More Cute Bunnies, and More! Week 3 2018

The Holland lop bunnies are getting big enough to wonder around now so we just had to share the cuteness with you!

With bitter cold temps and wind chill warnings out, what better way to spend the day than cuddling cute bunnies and eating soup?

Chat with us while we give an update on what’s been going on this week, plus see what the kids are painting!

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First Snow of the Season, Getting Organized and More! Week 2 2018

Miley’s wishes finally came true… we got our first snow of the season!

One of our goals we’ve had since starting our homestead is to downsize to just stuff we need. We’ve worked on it some, but this year we want to focus on it more. Brooke had a day off and invited me to go out of town with her so we could shop for a few things to help us become more organized.

Syrup or jam… water or sky… river or road.. it can be anything you want it to be.

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Making Sauerkraut, A Mischievous Calf and More! Week 1 2018

We planned to get the house cleaned and the tree taken down, but then Dad came home early…

Ollie… there’s never a dull moment with him around!

Live Stream: I’m trying out my new fermenting crock by making sauerkraut and then after that I chat and answer questions.

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Happy New Year! Week 52 2017

Happy New Year!!

With the weather turning even colder, we decided we needed to make a better shelter for Ollie. Of course, he was there supervising and making sure it was built to his approval.

The bunnies are now 7 weeks old and it’s time for them to be weaned so we’re moving them to their own cages.

We’re getting more cages set up for the bunnies because it’s time to wean them. It’s challenging to say the least because it’s so cold out!

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Merry Christmas! Week 51 2017

Miley was dreaming of a white Christmas, so we worked a little magic and made some snow happen!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

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A Strange Food, Cheese Ball Recipe, Getting Ready For Christmas and More! Week 50 2017

So much to do to get ready for Christmas… so little time… and what little time I have I procrastinate.

Brooke brought home something very weird, but interesting for us to try… sure didn’t look edible to us! We finished up baking and decorating our Christmas cookies… one step closer to being ready for Christmas!

Today we’re baking Christmas cookies! First, we need to get our chores done… and all Ollie wants to do is dilly dally.

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