A Garden Update and We’re Taking A Break, Back In A Few! Week 23 2017

Just a little walk around the garden…

It’s a super busy week… Miley goes to camp, it’s Brooke’s birthday, we’re going to be gone over night.. so we’re taking a break from vlogging for a couple days. We’ll be back soon though!

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A Camp Out On the Homestead, Berry Pie, Turkey Problems and More! Week 22 2017

So much to do, so little time… then it rains.

We’ve been having bad luck trying to hatch out turkeys this year. Well, that luck just got even worse because one of our turkey hens died. We’re not sure if our eggs will hatch but we’re not giving up yet. On a brighter note, we picked mulberries and strawberries and decided to make a pie. Didn’t have enough of one kind of berry so we made a little bit of this and a little bit of that berry pie!

We decided to try camping out again… only this time we decided to add a few things to make it a little more comfortable. The weather was perfect and it was a calm, relaxing evening… well, at least until the bugs came out.

We decided to have a little fun and pitch a tent and rough it for a night. Wind, possibility of storms, hard ground, coldness…. I wonder if we will tough it out or go to the house?

The turkeys got up from there nest and I couldn’t decide if I should take the eggs and put them in the incubator or leave them. I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision!

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How To Milk A Goat, First Strawberry Harvest, Homegrown Meal and More! Week 21 2017

The kids planted flowers and we snacked on strawberries… it was a lovely day until we had an encounter with an angry snake.

We added salt to the pool as it continued to fill. The kids volunteered to get in and stir the water so the salt would dissolve faster… brrr! I finished up planting the garden… well, almost!

It’s that exciting time of the year when the homestead starts producing and little by little we are able to harvest more of our own food. Today we has our first almost completely homegrown meal of the year.

Today I picked strawberries and was surprised to find how many there were! I also got some much needed gardening done.

Miley had to do a project for a 4H meeting, so she did this video to demonstrate how to milk a goat.

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Stormy Weather, More Stormy Weather, and A New Swing Week 20 2017

Thankfully yesterday’s storms didn’t pan out as predicted and we just got a lot of heavy rain. Today is another stormy day… will this weather ever settle down?

There is a high risk weather alert out in our area today for possibilities of tornadoes, large hail and wind. So, we’re battening the hatches and doing what we can to be as prepared as possible.

It’s that sleepless time of the year when spring storms and weather alerts keep us up at night.

Yep… what the title says, it was a busy and windy day!

It was an offish kind of day.. not necessarily a bad one… just a little off.

It was a fun afternoon spending time together making a new tree swing.

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Processing Chickens, A Bunny Play Pen, and More! Week 19 2017

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Yep… I did, I went for a ride on one of our goats! We got a few things done outside, then it started to rain. So it turned out being one of those tea making, cookie baking kind of days.

The day started out with pouring rain so we weren’t able to get out and do the work we had planned. It turned out beautiful later on so we show you what all we’ve done in the garden so far.

Just an update on hatching turkeys, whether our experiment on making the turkeys less aggressive worked, and we moved the chicks. Oh, and I so wanted to cry over the milk I spilt…

Miley wants to keep one of our bunnies as a pet in her room. So today the kids make a little play pen that’s easy to maintain.

Today we’re processing our meat birds and one turkey. We’ve had problems with our turkeys being aggressive so we’re trying a way suggested by one of our viewers to establish dominance over them in hopes they will learn to be less aggressive.

Not much going on… just enjoying a beautiful, peaceful evening on the homestead…. our favorite part of living in the country.

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Cedar Apple Rust, Bad Luck with Bunnies, New Goat Kids and More! Week 18 2017

We’ve always dealt with cedar apple rust but this year it will be worse than usual because of the wet weather we’ve been having. I find it annoying, but at the same time, it’s very interesting. I did a little research on it and show you what it looks like. I also give an update on the injured bunny and show you how our alfalfa patch is doing.

We’re just not having good luck with the bunnies, it’s just one thing after another! On a positive note, we finally found time to get more work done in the garden.

Well, the turkey eggs didn’t hatch, but I plan to do research and try again. We put our calf in the pen outside and he was a little spooked by the change of routine so Brooke took him for a walk to get him used to being outside.

It was a rainy dreary weekend but that didn’t stop it from being beautiful, fun and exciting!

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A New Calf On the Homestead, Guinea Is Sitting On Turkey Eggs and More! Week 17 2017

Today is lock down for our turkey eggs! I’m showing you the steps that need to be done to prepare them for hatching.

Just a little update on what I have planted so far and how the garden is doing.

Our guinea hen has been sitting on her nest, the one that I put turkey eggs in! We’re excited about that and are hoping that the turkeys will hatch. Other than that we’re just trying to get a new chore routine established and are giving an update on Brooke’s beta fish.

We reached a new goal by getting this animal for our homestead! It’s a goal we didn’t really expect to happen so soon. Things are about to get real busy around here, but we hope all the hard work will pay off later on.

Moved chicks to the chicken tractor, trimmed all the goats’ hooves, milked an extra goat we don’t normally milk… wrestled pigs to get them tagged… it’s a busy morning on the homestead!

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DIY Chicken Tractor, Planting the Garden, Cute Bunnies and More! Week 16 2017

We finally got a chicken tractor built! It’s a little late, but better late than never! At least now we have it made and ready to go for future use. We’re wanting to make one more, but we’ll use this one for a while and see if there’s anything we’d like to change.

It’s a super rainy day today! Seems like we didn’t get much accomplished because our plans kept getting changed.

So much to do… so little time, it’s just another busy but great day on the homestead.

We found a nest of guinea eggs and we’re pretty sure the guineas will be laying on them soon. Since guinea and turkey eggs hatch in around 25 days, we decided to put a turkey egg in the guinea nest and see if they would hatch it.

We’re getting the garden planted and new goat kids arrive!

The bunnies are growing fast; their eyes are opened and they’re hopping around now!

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New Kids Born, Things Are Blooming, Garden Planting Started & More! Week 15 2017

Just getting the evening chores done and took a little stroll around the yard to show ya what’s blooming at the moment.

We’re milking Nutmeg for the first time this year!

If it’s not one thing… it’s another…

It was a fun day with a sad ending. First me got a project done we’ve been wanting to get done for a while and that is to turn a big wooden box into a raised bed garden. Next, Nutmeg finally had her babies! Good news is she had a cute little doeling…. sad news is she had another one that didn’t make it.

It’s time to repot our tomato seedlings so we can start to harden them off and get them ready to go out in the garden.

Finally! We have a chance to clean up some of the limbs, so we’re taking advantage of it. While we’re out supervising the fire, we pass the time being entertained by the pigs. Never a dull moment on the homestead!

We’re planting potatoes… and the goat stall in the barn needs to be cleaned out… so why not take care of both at the same time?

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New Baby Bunnies, A Living Stone and More! Week 14 2017

Our bunnies sure are growing! It’s a beautiful day and would be a perfect day to get a lot done outside but we have to go out of town for an appointment. Oh well, it was still a great day!

I’m discussing the different ways that we will try to hatch the turkeys. After doing some research it seems like it may be more difficult than I was thinking…

A Closer look at the bunnies and an update on our seedlings….

The bunnies have finally arrived and they’re so cute! We’ve finally collected enough turkey eggs to put in the incubator… hopefully we’ll have some turkey poults soon!

There was a little living stone plant at Brooke’s work. It got knocked over and over looked so she felt sorry for it and brought it home. She re-potted it, did some research and shares some interesting facts about it.

We got a new pen built for the turkeys… got them moved out there… and they are settling in quite nicely. Should have done this a long time ago!

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