Preparing For Baby Bunnies, New Animals On the Homestead and More! Week 13 2017

It’s fun day Friday so We’re going skating! After that, play ends and work starts… there’s so much to do! We got supplies to make the turkey run and while we were in town, we ended up picking up our pigs. Turkey run… preparing the pig pen… and, the rabbit is building her nest… so much going on, where do we start?

Nothing better after doing a lot of work than to play with cute goats!

We were mistaken on the number of days a rabbit’s gestation period is. We were expecting them on day 28 when it’s really day 31. So since we still have several days yet we freshened up the nesting box and added some straw.

Time for chores… it’s cold, it’s late, no time for dilly dally!

Got off to a late start and the day just went down hill from there. It was just one of those days where we didn’t get anything accomplished. On the brighter side, we have another turkey eggs so we talked about how you should store eggs before incubating and why.

Only several more days until our bunny is due so we decided we better get a nesting box put in her cage for her. We let our chickens out to free range today. Will they go back to the coop at the end of the day? Watch to find out…

I’m planning to start free ranging the chickens again so that way we can start planting the garden soon.

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Moved Chicks To the Coop, Our First Goat Kids Arrived and More! Week 12 2017

We took a small break from the homestead for a couple days and enjoyed some time at the water park.

Our first kids of the season have arrived!

We thought we’d wake up to new kids in the barn but not yet… she’s really close though!

Our turkey laid her first egg, that we know of, plus we’re giving you an update on our rabbit! Plus there’s one more surprise…

Today is our favorite and most happiest day of the year!

Today I did an autopsy on the eggs that didn’t hatch to see if we were correct on our guesses when we candled them.

It’s time for the chicks to move out to the coop!

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Chicks Are Hatching, We’re Starting Seeds and More! Week 11 2017

Oh dear… there was a whole lot of gobbling going on so we went to check it out. We discovered a flock of wild turkeys had come to visit and the next thing we know, the toms are mating with our turkey hens. Good or bad? We don’t know, what do you think?

It’s one of the funnest times of the year… seed planting time!

Just looking through our flock of chicks and trying to figure out the different breeds we have. We also show how we clean a chick with pasty butt.

The hatching has begun… so far the number has been disappointing but not surprising.

Today is the 18th day the eggs have been in the incubator so it’s time for lock down so the chicks have time to get into position to hatch. It’s also Dylan’s birthday so we spend the day celebrating.

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Our Chicks Arrived and More!! Week 10 2017

Our chicks arrived in the mail! There was a surprise we weren’t expecting in our order….

This wind!! It’s been blowing non stop for days which has made it impossible to get much done outside. So instead we’re staying in and making bath bombs and slime.

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We’re Getting Our Rabbit Bred, Candling Eggs and Trying Not To Be Too Suspicious! Week 9 2017

We’ve been wanting to venture into meat rabbits but are unsure if it would be something we’d like to do. Instead of getting a buck we’re taking our rabbit back to the place we got her to have her bred, that way we can try it one time to see if it would be something we’d want to continue to do.

Our eggs are 8 days along so we’re candling them. We made guesses on whether or not each egg is fertile and plan to see if we’re right once they hatch. Let us know what you think.

A bunny who doesn’t want to be filmed… Neville gets lost… and a trip to the creek for leaves… lots happening on the homestead today!

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We’re Planning the Garden, Put Eggs in the Incubator and Got a new Beta! Week 8 2017

Made a trip to the orthodontist and while we were there we stopped at the pet shop so Brooke could pick out a beta for her fish bowl set up she made.

One of our goals this spring is to hatch out some turkey eggs. The turkeys aren’t laying yet so we decided to get the incubator out and hatch some chicken eggs while we wait.

I’ve been reading about permaculture and have been starting to plan the design of my garden. I’ve still got a lot to learn but have already noticed a difference in just the small changes I’ve made already. We ended the day with a Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Our Hens Are Laying Again, Something’s Wrong With Neville and More! Week 7 2017

Neville is still walking with a limp. Can’t decide if it’s an injury or disease… what do you think?

We’re combining our flocks and putting them in one coop. We added more roosts and moved nesting boxes over so there’s room for them all.

We’re making our first egg delivery of the year! After taking the winter off, our chickens have started laying again. It’s so nice to have a steady supply of eggs again. The day was so beautiful that we couldn’t pass up stopping at the park.

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We Ordered Our Chicks, Made Clay Sculptures and More! 2017 Week 6

It was a lovely day so we decided to get some work done on that garden fence. Hopefully it will do a better job of keeping them in than it did keeping them out.

Brooke got her sculpture done and we think it turned out pretty nice…

We finally decided what chicks we wanted and got our order placed. Here’s what we’re getting…

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Turkey Problems and I Skype With Casey James! 2017 Week 5

We’re wondering if or when our goats will kid…. the lizard escapes and clay sculpting begins…

Lately our turkeys have started becoming aggressive towards us. All the downed tree limbs we have laying around have come in quite useful at keeping them away. We’re trying to figure out a good solution on where to keep them since letting them free range isn’t working out.

The weather finally cooperated (sorta) and we were able to get out in the garden and get the fence opened up to the coop. We got a little cold so we cut the work short and plan to finish up next weekend. We’re one small step closer to getting the chickens in the garden!

It’s a nice afternoon so we took advantage of it and took a little stroll…

Oh my gosh… I’ve got a super fun announcement… I’m going to get to skype with… well, you better watch the video to find out!

Casey James is putting out an album independently so he had a kickstarter to help offset the costs. One of the items on his kickstarter was a skype session with him and so my kids, knowing what a huge fan I am of him, got me that for Christmas!! Oh my gosh… today is the day I get to skype with Casey James!

The turkeys were giving us more problems so we penned them up until we can either butcher or sell one of the toms.

Yep.. it started out being one of THOSE kind of days, but it ended on a good note.

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Power is Back On, Clean Up Continues 2017 Week 4

We woke up and our power was back on! Now I can get caught back up on dishes and laundry… yay… I think?!? Joking aside, it was nice to be able to get back into the ole routine again.

Started out the day with chores then we decided to share one of our favorite easy brunches with you. Miley wanted to do some baking so we got out her Easy Bake Oven and whipped up a little cake from scratch!

It’s clean up day! It sure is a lot of work getting all those limbs cut and picked up, but looking at the positive side, we’re able to build up our stash of fire wood. And… if we can find a chipper shredder to rent we will make lots of good mulch for the garden!

We are taking a last minute, unexpected road trip again today. Brooke lost a band on her braces and her tooth was bothering her, so we made a trip the orthodontist. It was a fun day despite one of the turkeys leaving a very unpleasant surprise on Brooke’s car yet again.

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