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Goat Babies and Bunnies|| It’s A Homestead Update Filled With Smiles

There’s lots of exciting stuff going on around our place! Our Nubian goat babies are here now and we have 3 week old Holland Lops running around. It might still be winter but we feel like spring is here with all these babies around here.


I’ve Been Milking This Goat For 198 Days Straight!

It’s the longest number of days I’ve ever went milking a goat with out skipping! Normally we do kid sharing so we don’t have to milk every day, but since Nutmeg lost her kids I’ve had to keep milking her to keep her in milk. Has it been difficult? Well, you’ll just have to watch…

New Corral, Bone Broth, and Bullet Journaling

We finally got our goat corral made. It turned out really nice and the goats seem to like being in there better than the smaller one we had them in. While we were building the corral I started making bone broth to can. We ended the evening working on our bullet journals in hopes of getting our days a little more organized.