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We Switched Things Up a Bit

One day over the weekend the kids were gone and it was just my husband and I home. So we had us a little date scooping poop, cleaning things up and doing some much needed fixing up to a few things. Now that everything is all switched up we have a whole new morning chore routine.
We also picked beans and the kids have been keeping busy with a few projects they came up with on their own. Who needs toys when you have sticks, paint, string and a bog box to play with?

Freezing Tomatoes and Harvesting Sunflowers

It’s a busy time right now. We’ve had lots of stuff going on and we’ve been away from home a lot so I’m having to try to get caught up on a lot of stuff. Then on top of that, I have jury duty this week and have to prepare for the possibility of being gone for 5 days. The sunflowers are ready to harvest plus more tomatoes are also ready. No time to make sauce or roast sunflower seeds now so I’m freezing the tomatoes to make sauce out of another time and we’re picking the sunflowers so Miley can take the seeds off and have them ready to roast when we have the time.
So much to do, so little time… it’s just another day on the homestead.

Our Broody Hen Hatched Guinea Keets

We had a fun surprise in the barn when we went out to do chores. The nest of guinea eggs that our hen has been faithfully sitting on for the last several weeks finally started hatching. We ended up with 5 baby keets. Since they hatched, we had to move the the meat chicks into the coop so that we could use the tote for the keets. We didn’t plan for it to take all that long but it kept us busy for most of the afternoon.  

Our Turkeys and How We Sex Them

We finally got our turkeys ordered for this year. I think this is the latest we’ve ever gotten them. I guess it’s better late than never, right?

In past years we’ve always raised broad breasted bronze turkeys. Up until last year, we got them at the feed store every year. For some reason last year, the area feed stores quit carrying them so we started ordering online. We’ve had a tough time finding a place that will ship a small order of turkeys. Most places have a minimum order of 15 to 25 and we definitely don’t need that many! Some places will allow you to combine turkeys and chicks to make up a minimum order but right now we don’t need any chicks either. We want to wait another month or two before we get our fall meat birds. Luckily we found a place that would allow small orders and we went ahead and ordered them.
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