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Winter Storm|| How Did the Turkeys Handle It?

The winter storm made it here and it turned out to be everything it was predicted to be. It was the perfect day to stay inside and make candy. The turkeys roosted outside the evening before the storm came but then decided that the barn is a much nicer place to be once the wind picked up and the snow started to fall.

Oh No! Our Turkey Got Injured!

One of our turkeys got injured so we treated him. Giving a turkey a pill is a little more difficult than it seems. It was election day so we went to town, had lunch together and voted. Discovered the beans revived themselves and produced a whole new crop… looks like there will be one more round of canning to do before the growing season is over.

Processing Day|| One Chicken Had A Bad Heart

Processing day… it’s a day that we both dread and look forward to. It’s always hard to part with animals that you’ve spent time with and taken care of, but at the same time it’s nice to get them done and have the freezer stocked for winter. One of our chickens had fluid around it’s heart. It’s the first time we’ve ran into something like this so we’re having to do a little research to fine out if the meat will be safe to eat. While the processing was going on, Dylan and Miley got the porch painted and Dylan’s pickup cleaned up. We’re now reaching the end of having most of the food we’ve grown put up for winter.