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Garden Tour, MORE Chicks Hatch, A Surprise In the Garden and More! Week 25 2018

We have an awesome surprise in the garden… it’s something Miley has been waiting for for a long time.

More chicks have hatched… where do we keep them? Who should do the chores… should they be considered rabbit chores or chicken chores?

One hen and her chicks… another broody hen hatching out chicks… a stormy night… where should we put all these chicks?

Finally got my garden in and mulched so I thought I’d give you a tour of it while it’s still looking good.

How to Can Chicken, Garden Update, Why We Kept One Turkey and More! Week 20 2018

Why did we decide to keep chance? Watch and find out…

The tomatoes aren’t looking so great so it’s time to get them planted. Dylan’s been doing more work on his go cart and it’s starting to take shape.

Just a little update on what’s growing in the garden. Also, we’re trying to figure out the best approach to getting the garden ready for planting.

In this video I’m canning some chicken from the meat birds we raised….

We’re Getting Our Rabbit Bred, Candling Eggs and Trying Not To Be Too Suspicious! Week 9 2017

We’ve been wanting to venture into meat rabbits but are unsure if it would be something we’d like to do. Instead of getting a buck we’re taking our rabbit back to the place we got her to have her bred, that way we can try it one time to see if it would be something we’d want to continue to do.

Our eggs are 8 days along so we’re candling them. We made guesses on whether or not each egg is fertile and plan to see if we’re right once they hatch. Let us know what you think.

A bunny who doesn’t want to be filmed… Neville gets lost… and a trip to the creek for leaves… lots happening on the homestead today!

Training Chickens to go to the Garden for Soaked Grain

Even though we don’t quite have our fence and coop ready to put the chickens in the garden yet, doesn’t mean we can’t go ahead and encourage the chickens to hang out in the garden as much as possible. I’m feeding them their soaked grain every morning in hopes it will make them want to spend more time in the garden. After our one really nice day, it turned really cold so we haven’t been able to do more in the garden. I decided to take advantage of having to be cooped up in the house by getting the Christmas tree taken down.