Our Baby Ducklings Arrived in the Mail!

Our Baby Ducklings Arrived In the Mail
Oh my, they’re so cute! How many and what kind did we get? Well, you’ll just have to watch!

2 thoughts on “Our Baby Ducklings Arrived in the Mail!

  1. Kathy

    I love your Mom’s response. The ducks are adorable, I love ducks too. They are the one thing we never raised when I was little but wished we had. We look forward to more videos on them growing.


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      I loved her response too! We’ve found them to be a little different than chicks so we’re having to do some research. They’ve grown so fast that I feel like I need to hurry up and get more footage before they’re grown. We have them in the chicken tractor now and gave them a couple dish pans of water to play in. They are so cute to watch!



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