Getting Bunnies Settled, A Debt Free Car, Last Day with Our Pigs, and More! Week 37

It was a busy day! We did our chores and then spent a good part of the day doing a much needed deep cleaning on the house. Everyone worked together so well and we got it done in record time so we went to the lake to relax and fish.

He bought a car with a blown motor cheaply, found a decent priced engine, then used his skills and knowledge to fix it up and now has a car with out debt that he can either keep or sell and make a little extra cash.

It’s a tough day on the homestead… the time has come for our pigs to go to the processor. We spend some time with them and them get them loaded up.

We took another trip to the Kansas State Fair and did some things we didn’t get a chance to do on our last visit.

The kids are busy deciding which cage each rabbit will live in and I give you an update on our fall garden.


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