Neville & Nadine Meet, Easy Way To Worm Pigs, Better Smelling Coops and More! Week 27

I put Neville’s girlfriend, Nadine in the barn with him and those two get along so well. It’s Independence Day so we spend most of the day relaxing and having fun with family.

Brooke was cleaning her Gecko’s cage today so we decided to show what her set up is like.

Every year that we’ve had pigs, we’ve had someone come worm them for us. This year it’s up to us to do it on our own so I did a little research and found a quick and simple way to get it done. In fact it’s so simple that it’s easier than worming goats.

It was a lovely afternoon so we took advantage of it and got some much needed work done. Once the work was done we cooled off in the pool the spent the evening watching fireworks.


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