A Fall Garden, A Fairy Garden, and A Storm That Damaged Our Gardens Week 31

Finally we got some much needed rain! Unfortunately, with that rain came a storm that left us with some damage. Looking at the positive side, everyone is fine, all the animals are fine, and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been busy getting tomatoes canned and have fallen behind on editing and getting videos out. Plus I’m tired so… here’s an update with lots of randomness mixed in.

It’s a busy day… we’re getting our fall crops planted and getting tomatoes canned.

Preparing to plant fall beans, picking tomatoes, weeding, pulling up the plastic… so many things to get done in the garden!

Miley got supplies to make a fairy garden for her birthday. Due to being busy, we’re just now getting it all set up. She’s been having so much fun with it, but the thing she loves the best is creating new things for it.

Just trying to get caught up in the garden from being busy with the fair. The tomatoes are coming on, everything needs to be picked… so much to do and so little time.


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