How To Milk A Goat, First Strawberry Harvest, Homegrown Meal and More! Week 21 2017

The kids planted flowers and we snacked on strawberries… it was a lovely day until we had an encounter with an angry snake.

We added salt to the pool as it continued to fill. The kids volunteered to get in and stir the water so the salt would dissolve faster… brrr! I finished up planting the garden… well, almost!

It’s that exciting time of the year when the homestead starts producing and little by little we are able to harvest more of our own food. Today we has our first almost completely homegrown meal of the year.

Today I picked strawberries and was surprised to find how many there were! I also got some much needed gardening done.

Miley had to do a project for a 4H meeting, so she did this video to demonstrate how to milk a goat.

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