Unhappy Goat and A Lost Flip Flop

Got up early to get garden work done, and help Miley break the goats to lead for the fair, so we could get it all done before it turned hot. Later in the afternoon I watered the corn and had sprinkler problems which resulted in a couple of flooded rows of corn. I wasn’t thinking and as I went to get the hose off the sprinkler, I waded through deep mud and lost my flop flops. Well… that turned into a big mess. It was just one of those days… never a dull moment.

1 thought on “Unhappy Goat and A Lost Flip Flop

  1. Vicki Noble

    Fun video!! I never wear flip-flops in mud. I learned the same lesson in 3rd grade when I fell in the shallow end of a pond and came up with just one shoe. That shoe is a fossil by now 🙂 Cute time for you and your girl, though!



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