Daily Archives: July 8, 2016

Treating the Garden to Prevent and Cure Disease

This year I’m spraying the garden with several different things to help prevent fungus and disease. On this day I used Actinovate, which is an organic fungicide that helps to prevent and cure a wide range of diseases that affect plants.
As I was spraying I discovered that my tomatoes look like they may be starting to be affected by some sort of disease. It doesn’t help that we’ve had some big rains lately, then on top of that, when ever it does finally dry out and I do water, we end up with another big down pour the next day. I’m sure that the inconsistent amount of water they’ve gotten has been pretty hard on them.

Last year this spray did wonders for my plants, just hoping it will work that well this year. I believe I really need to consider crop rotation for next year.

A Garden Emergency and Lots of Spuds!

Most garden pests I can deal with but when it comes to worms… now that’s an emergency and a good reason to get out the pesticide I try to avoid using.
My little experiment I’m trying where I used 3 different methods to plant potatoes is turning out quite interesting. I thought the potatoes in the pots weren’t doing so good because I forgot to give them extra water. Surprisingly, more grew than I expected. The potatoes that we planted on top of the ground and covered with hay grew some really nice sized potatoes. We have yet to see how well the potatoes we planted in the ground did. We plan to dig them soon so we’ll find out.