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Getting Ready for the Fair!

Fair time is an exciting but busy time around our house. We have a lot of stuff to do like last minute procrastinated projects to finish up, animal prep, project judging and lots more. Unfortunately, Miley got sick in the middle of all the preparation so this year she wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as she normally is just because she wasn’t feeling all that great. Here’s a little peek into what our fair prep was like….

Our Turkeys and How We Sex Them

We finally got our turkeys ordered for this year. I think this is the latest we’ve ever gotten them. I guess it’s better late than never, right?

In past years we’ve always raised broad breasted bronze turkeys. Up until last year, we got them at the feed store every year. For some reason last year, the area feed stores quit carrying them so we started ordering online. We’ve had a tough time finding a place that will ship a small order of turkeys. Most places have a minimum order of 15 to 25 and we definitely don’t need that many! Some places will allow you to combine turkeys and chicks to make up a minimum order but right now we don’t need any chicks either. We want to wait another month or two before we get our fall meat birds. Luckily we found a place that would allow small orders and we went ahead and ordered them.
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My Cat Chubbles

Well fair week has officially begun. Unfortunately for us it’s not gotten off to a very good start. Yesterday was hand pet judging day and Miley woke up sick so we weren’t able to make it. She was very disappointed because she’d worked hard on her speech and story about her cat. Since she was unable to share it at the fair we decided to share it here.

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Healthy Homemade Frozen Pizza

My kids love pizza. I love pizza, especially the quick and easy kind that the kids can pull out of the freezer and make themselves. Unfortunately I don’t get that kind of pizza too often because it’s not very healthy, plus it can be expensive especially if I buy enough to have on hand every time someone needs a quick and easy meal.
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Unhappy Goat and A Lost Flip Flop

Got up early to get garden work done, and help Miley break the goats to lead for the fair, so we could get it all done before it turned hot. Later in the afternoon I watered the corn and had sprinkler problems which resulted in a couple of flooded rows of corn. I wasn’t thinking and as I went to get the hose off the sprinkler, I waded through deep mud and lost my flop flops. Well… that turned into a big mess. It was just one of those days… never a dull moment.

How We Use Raw Milk in the Garden








In this video I show you how we use raw milk in the garden. From what I’ve read, raw milk can help with blossom end rot which is caused by low calcium. It’s also a good fertilizer and works to help repel insects. I’ve been using it for several years now and have had good results with it. To read more about it, click here.
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