Harvested Our Cabbage

This year we’ve been having good luck growing some vegetables that we’ve normally had trouble growing in the past. The first one is broccoli…

I have to laugh because in past years our broccoli never looked that good, in fact it didn’t really resemble anything like this at all. When Brooke saw that, she said, “Wow, I can’t believe that came from the garden. It looks like what you’d find in the store. It’s awesome!”

The other vegetable I’ve struggled with growing is cabbage. In past years it’s either been ruined by insects and worms or just didn’t grow very well. Surprisingly, this year it grew really well and I only had to spray it once for insects. I went ahead and harvested it all before the heat got to it. We ended up with a laundry basket full…

I made a gallon jar of sauerkraut, a big bowl of coleslaw, and a batch of bierocks and used it all up…

If you’d like to see our cabbage harvest and how we make sauerkraut, check out our video…





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