Yay! We Have a Clothesline!

Oh, I’ve wanted a nice clothesline for so long and now I’ve finally got one! Between the electric rates here and our inefficient house, we’re stuck with ridiculously high electric bills. We’ve researched ways to make our house more efficient but unfortunately with the type of house we own there’s not a lot we can do that wouldn’t cost a fortune. So instead we’ve been taking baby steps to get away from depending on the grid so much. Hopefully having this clothesline will help reduce our energy costs. 

We found a great deal on the poles.  When we went to pick them up, we were disappointed to find that the people who’d taken them out of their yard had cut them off at ground level.  Since they were too short to be put in the ground, we came up with a way to add extensions so they’d work.  Once we got that done, we thought the hard part was over, but it turns out adding the extensions was the easy part…


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