If the Garden Fails, At Least We’ll Have Plenty of Weeds To Eat!

I do believe that the weeds have officially taken over the area of the garden that we didn’t mulch. They’re so thick you can’t even see the ground, nor can you see any of the beans we planted. I’d have to say that the beans are pretty much doomed, wouldn’t you?

Looking at the bright side of the hot dog… I’m sure your wondering what a hot dog has to do with this and what the bright side is, right? Well, a long time ago when my son was little and we lived away, we came here to visit my family. My mom was gone when we arrived and my son was hungry so my sister fixed some hot dogs for us. We got to visiting as they were cooking and my sister didn’t pay close attention to them so they got burnt (more like lightly browned aka burnt to him) on one side. When we were fixing our plates, my son looked at them all and said they were all burnt. She told him that it all depended on what side of the hot dog you looked at, if you don’t like it burnt, just roll it over and focus on the bright side of it. He did just that and ate the hotdog without any complaints. After that our motto became, “Always look at the bright side of the hotdog.”

So back to looking at the bright side of the hotdog, at least the majority of weeds in the garden are lambs quarter, which is actually an edible weed. It’s actually supposed to be really good for you and pretty tasty too. I wouldn’t really know about that though, because I’ve never tried it before. I just haven’t gotten that adventurous yet, I’d rather stick to eating things that I plant myself. But if for some reason the garden would fail, and I’d decide to become more adventurous, I could go pick some of those weeds. Maybe I could sauté them up and serve them with hotdogs, bright side up, of course.

Actually, as you can see in this update, we tilled the whole area up, beans and all, and are starting over…


2 thoughts on “If the Garden Fails, At Least We’ll Have Plenty of Weeds To Eat!

  1. Susan sink

    I can’t bring myself to eat dandelion greens or lambs quarter either. And I tried nettles but found the broth oily. If you’ve got too much garden, think about doing ground cover. Better than weeds! I can’t manage my whole garden thus summer so even some raised beds will get ground cover. Better soil next year!


  2. Humble Little Homestead Post author

    I don’t think I shared this on my blog, but I’m trying to do the deep mulch method in my garden this year. It’s been a challenge coming up with enough material to get a nice thick layer of mulch going, but I’m getting there. All the walkways have cardboard with a thick layer of hay on top. Then I’ve built up the beds with compost and top soil. This fall I plan to cover everything with mulch then just push it aside and plant next year. At the beginning of this season I had planned on getting the whole garden mulched but I ran out of time and material so I’m doing half and half. The half that I didn’t mulch is the part that I’ve got all the weeds. We planned to keep it worked but the rain has kept us from doing that. I’m debating, I may leave that area and not mulch it that way I can plant things like beans, corn and other things that do better not being mulched. I do agree, can’t wait for better soil next year! 🙂



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