Survivor Is Truly a Survivor!

Remember my post a while back about our koi fish, Survivor, we got to put in the stock tank? Well, here lately he’s had some pretty bad luck.  Here’s the story…


3 thoughts on “Survivor Is Truly a Survivor!

  1. Susan Sink

    That running water is probably too cold for Survivor. Can you put him in a side tank when refilling the tank and until it warms up a bit?? Or remove those boards so the guineas go elsewhere? Poor Survivor!


      1. Humble Little Homestead Post author

        I realized that the water was probably a shock to him and that’s the reason he was jumping out. At first I thought it was more the sound of the water that was doing it. It just surprised me he would jump out because we’ve always added water other years and it didn’t seem to bother him. Today I tied a cord above the boards to hopefully prevent the guineas from roosting on it. If that doesn’t work then I will put some chicken wire across it. Thank you for visiting!


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